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The MACP (Multipurpose Air Cushion Platform) that originated from the need of a diesel compact hovercraft which dimension fit a undercarriage in order to permit an easy transport, a diesel vehicle that comply European workboats’ laws and professional rules.
On the market none of the active producer was offering a vehicle like this and the projecting and manufacturing of MACP is the base upon some Hoverspill consortium (http://cordis.europa.eu/projects/rcn/93334_en.html) partners’ long term experience in operating compact hovercraft since 2000, an experience that started almost ten years earlier. On balance, nowadays MACP comes from over 25 year of works, tests, trials, achievements and, sometimes, failures.

The constant improvement deriving from an extreme use of this kind of vessels and the continuous experimentation produced a list of problems and issues that, in the end, limited the evolution and spread of hovercraft on the market.
Anyone who carefully followed the evolution of Hovercraft would have noticed that improvements mainly involved technological aspects such as better engines and more efficient fans, but the entire compact hovercraft’s technology remained essentially the same during almost 30 years, without fixing all those problems observed while operating professionally.

The Hovercraft we projected and manufactured is something completely new because is based upon completely different logic in order to overcome any conceptual problem already observed

in this sense, MACP Compact starts a new era for utility hovercrafts and it’s also the first diesel based hovercraft measuring not more than 2500 mm width.)

Also, the hull is specifically designed to be able to resist shocks and collisions against rock or other object on the water surface and the flat deck can be easily adapted to a huge range of different configurations.

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