• MACP is a fastly equipping air cushion platform with different operating configurations.
  • MACP is the most compact hovercraft approved for professional use
  • The soft hull is impact-resistant and unsinkable.
  • The amphibian characteristics make it excellent for very shallow water surveys, working in difficult zones, against strong current and in presence of algae, floating objects and outcropping obstacles. Mudflats, mangroves, swamps and lagoons, river banks, ice and snow are its field of action.
  • Logistics is minimized: it is transportable on the road on a trailer. Goes up and down from the trailer and the shoreline indipendently.
  • SBP, Sensors, Boomers, Echosounders may be positioned inside the hull for different surveys. The systems are raised while “on cushion” and are immersed while working at low speed. 


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