Unik & Flaptons - Driving and Trim Control


A proper driving technique can overcome the dimensional limits of the vehicle.
The driving system set up for the MACP uses an intuitive system, of rapid implementation. Traditional positions with steering wheels, cloches or handlebars, cuffs, pedals, variable pitch propellers, controls of the engines dedicated to the lift and other controls of complex management and slow execution are not considered in MACP vehicle.

Adverse dynamics and high power are dominated by:

It’s a direction and stability control system for the MACP. Flapton consists in a system of passive control surfaces positioned downstream of the propeller. It is very light and compact, a system designed to compensate the problems induced by the presence of a high thrust centre with respect to the centre of gravity. The adoption of this system allows the use of high efficiency propulsion systems (which need big diameter propellers). Flaptons permit the directionality, the trim control in each direction and the reverse motion/brake. One of the main peculiarities of Flaptons is the rapid actuation and instantaneous reverse motion even at max fan RPM.

•Unik: In MACP the direction and motion-inversion, the lateral and longitudinal trim depend on a single handlebar command. Besides the ease of control, this allows the pilot to sit partially supported by the flexed legs: this position permits to absorb impacts and motions due to wave impact.

•Unik+Flapton: besides the trim corrections, the automatic ones and those operated by the pilot, the combination of the two systems allows the independent actuation left/right of the reverse flow of the thrust propeller. This can be realized at full throttle and in less than 1/10 second, an evident advantage in critical situations.
The integration with the thrust reversing operation is a remarkable advantage in comparison to the existing solutions, which have rather troublesome actuation times without directionality (variable pitch propellers, or with motion reverse etc.).

The Flapton system is exceptionally compact, only 60 cm thick, and does not protrude from the Hovercraft silhouette: it can not get caught in the branches, it is lightweight and mechanically operated, no electronics or actuators.


Unik & saddle seat for wave impact absorbtion

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The UNIK + Flapton Systems permits to drive the MACP in all the directions, by using just one handlebar, complete trim control, stop and reverse motion in 1/10 sec at max RPM

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