Shore Sentinel is a system aimed at ensuring an emergency oil spills, rescue in floods and other emergencies, particularly effective in the most difficult areas, coasts and riverbanks. It’s based on teams equipped and located near sensitive points and areas of interest, with skilled and trained staff.
Each garrison has a good number of MACP amphibious vehicles for local needs. MACP is an air cushion vehicle of the latest generation, which can be quickly set up with different operating configurations, easily portable, fast and amphibious. The most compact hovercraft approved for professional use, powered by a 180 hp diesel engine, it can be transported by road on a trailer.
In the Shore Sentinel logic the cost, which is usually the weak point of a “standby” system, is not related to a single specific activity, but is divided among many different activities. So the stand-by and the current operations costs are both covered by small contributions coming from municipalities and companies, who doing so, in case of disaster, have the guarantee of the immediacy and the professionalism in interventions, and from other revenues coming from special works; geophysical surveys and other types of services, national and international for the first time possible with the use of equipped MACP.



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