MACP Philosophy


The MACP Philosophy

The "Good Solutions" Reaper

The solutions can be beautiful from a technical point of view and be mechanically flawless but have to undergo the knife of the Great Reaper:
"Our systems are simple and can be repaired also in Congo on the Tshuapa River while the crocodiles are chasing you ..."


BumperBumper and flat deck
The various professional activities require a stable platform capable of operating with good performances even at low speeds. This requires a high grade of responsiveness to commands, a good agility and easy handling. These are aspects that have been overlooked by a lot of producers who have considered many secondary aspects without taking into consideration that the goal of a good project should be to make efficient and easy the global management of the hovercraft.
In the MACP there are many smart solutions which can be appreciated only during operational activities. These are the ones which make easy to be used a complex vehicle generally not user-friendly. Moreover, not only the single particular but the interaction and the integration of the different solutions permits the agile and reactive driving.

The ease of use and management developed are fundamental in the MACP project. The ergonomics and the conduction system has been studied to obtain a result very intuitive and immediate, even if it has to be considered that a hovercraft will never have the driving ease of a car.
MACP is an answer to the problems of a market numerically interesting, but diluted in large operational areas, broken down into many different stands, and generally “manned “ by local supplier. MACP, in summary, creates the possibility for any coachbuilder/body builder to provide to his historical customers a high quality product, without having to bear the high costs of development. This is a technical/commercial model widely used in the automotive sector, which has always offered the fitters a “ rolling chassis” on which can be installed different configurations.
The MACP solution allows to provide the bodybuilders a powerful platform that they could not attain without becoming expertise in the field. To realize such a system would require significant investments in complex technologies presenting an uncertain outcome requiring also large numbers to be justified.
MACP Design and construction criteria

The design of MACP has followed a logical guidance more than a technological approach. The aim of the project was to focus on the maximum usability and flexibility and the ability to adjust the parameters within very wide margins with the scope of adapting to different operating configurations and different outfittings.

The MAP design has considered every single aspect, but the fundamental improvements are:
•SoftHull ™ : the first MACP key-point is the new-concept hull.
•Unik+Flapton: driving, totall trim control & Stop & rear motion.
•Engine and transmission: The diesel engine and other particular characteristics allow to fully answer to the most severe workboats rules.
Single engine supply for Thrust e Lift
Flat Deck
•Surface Coolers: The technology of the surface-radiator, which cannot be obstructed by leaves and bags complement the “heavy duty” logic of the whole MACP concept.
•Perimetric bumper which allows to go near to piers, to move between trees and mangroves without damaging the skirts.