MPS - Modular Propulsion System


MPS - Modular Propulsion System is a completely independent modular propulsion and lift system, conceptually similar to an outboard engine.MPS

The MPS use of a lift system separated from propulsion allows to have the best results in terms of efficiency. The ability to independently adjust the lift optimizes performances at low and high speeds and prevents unbalanced power absorption. In general such separation is realized by adopting two separate engines, but, since both are necessary the chances of failure are multiplied. MACP uses a lift system driven by the main engine but controlled by an innovative system that allows to calibrate the lift air-flow in every condition (TorqueMada, at constant torque). In such a way it is possible to have a cushion already formed at low speed. This allows the easy use of the vehicle also for operations at low speed.

Engine and reduction/transmission are critical elements in the implementation of an air-cushion vehicle for the high power/weight ratio. For the MPS was adopted a FNM diesel engine coming from automotive sector but used in aeronautical applications for its reliability and low power/weight ratio. The introduction of this engine has allowed a reduction of weights such that it is possible to accommodate various bodies without requiring the increase of the size of the cushion (and consequently the critical width of 2.5m). For the transmission has been adopted a single wear-less component that allows to have a smooth start and the absorption of the peaks typical of the diesel engine which could otherwise be destructive for the entire transmission.The turbo diesel engine of 130 kW (single versions) allows you to stay within the MARPOL Annex VI.

The propeller propulsion is 1300 mm and the lift is developed in two fans of 700 mm, adjustable for a max flow from 6 to 12 mc3 x sec, able to adapt to different configurations and requirements.

All the MPS system has been performance tested and designed in every detail to avoid every possible complexity of construction. With the choice of few components of excellent reliability, the system is repairable even during the mission and without the need for special tools or hard-to-find parts.

Intercooler and radiators are surface flow, so do not clog with leaves and bags.




dimensions: 1500 x 2400 x 1700 mm

Weight: 490 kg

thrust fan: 1300 mm

lift fans: 2 x 700 mm from 6 to 12 mc3/sec