Hoverspill™ is an innovative System based on a hovercraft specialized for high speed Oil Spill emergency response and remediation. Its independent power generator and oil separation device cleans-up coasts, beaches, shoals where vessels/land-devices cannot operate. Its amphibian performances and compactness makes it easy on road or vessel transportation and beach based operation.


Due to tests' special requirements and procedures, lateral handlebars have not been set up.

Protection devices can be closed in order to prevent on board flooding.

HoverSpill™ driving force is based on the concpt that the greatest part of oil spills has a strong impact on coasts, beaches and shoals. Even if the pollution takes place at open sea, vessels usually don’t reach the location in short time to contain the spot, which rapidly expands. Moreover the oil hits those areas which can not be easily reached by traditional vehicles/vessels, nor by land nor by sea, for the lack of water depth or for the muddy land.


final configuration
▪ unsinkable and shock proof Softhull
▪ shock proof bumper, lateral skirt protection
▪ Low cost oil resistant skirts
▪ maximum maneuverability with Flapton System
▪ ultra simplified maintenance,
▪ spare parts commonly available automotive/nautical or industrial market

Intervention Unit:
• 3 crew,
• drum skimmer,
• booms and barriers,
• floating tanks,
• sorbents


Why and when using Hoverspill

Oil spills have a dramatic environmental impact on coasts, beaches, reefs and are particularly harmful for delicate and vulnerable spots such as river and lake areas. In wetlands and protected zones traditional vehicles and vessels cannot operate, neither by sea nor by land, due to inaccessible shallow depths and muddy areas. The recent oil spills in the Lambro river and in Louisiana (delta and humid areas) have emphasised the limits of current technologies and traditional methods and vessels used for clean-up actions.
Even when the oil spills occur in the open sea, aid vessels present in ports very rarely manage to arrive rapidly to contain the rapidly expanding oil slick.
  Hoverspill is able to operate in areas with compact or soft mud, both at high (up to 40 knots) and low speed, avoiding the mixing of the superficial hydrocarbons with the mud therefore avoiding further damage to the environment. It can be used as a floating pontoon and as a low-impact platform during clean-up operations in areas with soft mud.
Hoverspill is an ideal solution for greater operative immediacy and/or to avoid transfer in agitated open seas since it can be quickly transported by land (on a standard truck) thanks to its compact dimensions. It can be easily placed on land or beaches close to areas that are potentially at risk, without the necessity of ports or other structures necessary in the case of traditional vessels.
HoverSpill can also be positioned upon ships or oil rigs to be used for preventive action during transfer operations of hydrocarbons. During intervention on water an integrated separation system will be used. During the clean-up process the power take-off will be used to supply energy to drive the various water cleaning systems and specific equipment as well as equipment for the separation of pollutants from water.
New operational procedures and protocols suitable to exploit the innovative characteristics of the Hoverspill system will be defined. This will give the opportunity to create new professional profiles and trained operational squads.






Main innovations of HoverSpill

  • Autonomous amphibious performances: based on air cushion technology and able to reach affected areas at high speed (over 30 knots)

  • Easy Transport and ready intervention: allowed by the system's road transport capability, even in adverse weather conditions

  • Finalization to emergency necessity and to subsequent clean-up operations: the main engine can be also used as power generator and act as a platform for remediation activities

  • Low environmental impact: mainly due to friction lack, because of the vehicle avoiding contact with any surface, due to a medium pressure under the skirts system equal in every point. This makes Hoverspill ideal to be used in environmentally protected areas (e.g. humid areas)

  • Easy use and manipulation in difficult areas: thanks to the platform's weight and dimensions


HoverSpill EU project
Program Acronim: FP7-Transport subprogram Area: SST.2008.1.2.1
project reference 234909 From 2009-12-01 to 2013-05-31
Total cost: EUR 3 446 716 EU Contribution EUR 2 598 021