Flood Rescue




A project for a low cost, smart & easy rescue vehicle.

Hyperlight MACP

Flood Rescue equipment

Hydrogeogical emergency is one of the most frequent and expensive events of natural disasters. In these last 10 years, also due to the global warming, there has been a remarkable increase of this kind of disasters.
The drinkable water pollution by animals hulks causes typhus and other serious diseases. Often damaged people remain to control their properties up to the end of the event and is actually missing a low cost organizational support which can supply drinkable water, food and medical assistance, logistic for the staff who restore the services. In the industrial developed countries flood events, in addition to the damages provoked by water, cause chemical products, oil (tanks, deposits, distributors) pollution.
In those countries undergoing development the situation is particularly critical considering the people concentration in fertile areas which usually are in wetlands, the lack of barriers or dams to calibrate water flow, and considering also the houses structure which is often unsteady and can’t resist to floods.
If to all this we add that often these countries don’t have a Civil Protection efficient or equipped, the victims number is considerable. During floods, humanitarian aid has become of primary relevance to help the Country in the emergency to save human lives.

To be effective during the emergency humanitarian aid must be immediate and all the rescue operations must be attentively planned and, mostly, must be capable of helping without making problems.
Adequate means are missing, specific technologies are missing and boats or rubber dinghy, amphibious vehicles with tyres, off-roads, have operational limits for the contemporary presence of flowing water, soft mud, submerged obstacles, floating debris. It doesn’t exist an efficient organization to operate during the emergency. Helycopters are efficient but need specialized personnel and have high operational costs. Moreover helycopters can not work in water courses surrounded by high vegetation nor can land on mud.
The rescue system of Flood Rescue Team provides a quick and fast system in case of emergency with an hovercraft on MACP technology, specialized and apt thanks to the combination of instruments, technologies and qualified staff, such to compensate to those limits which still today aircrafts or boats have in emergency situations.

Flood Rescue Team has the objective of obtaining a set of systems and to make them cooperate in case of flood or of natural disaster with two possible solution:
- a “mobile” rescue system where a light operational module with specialized staff (pilot, doctor, an operator) is airborne on the disaster site
- a base station equipped with means and staff qualified and formed for countries or sites where there is the need of a quick and continuous rescue activity.
In both cases in emergency situations the use of specialized hovercrafts will allow to search and rescue missing people in places otherwise impossible to be reached.
Other MACP could be used for the rescue staff logistics, could be equipped with electronic instruments to measure water depth, to find and move away submerged dangers like cars or parts of tubes and metals, to control bridges pillar stability.


7 people capacity:

  • 200 hp Diesel
  • 250 cm. wide
  • 650 kg payload
  • Unsinkable p to 1,7-1.9 t gross weigh,
    Unfillable, Antishock


    • 1 pilot + max 550 kg payload (or 6 pax) + 100 diesel fuel for max performances
    • VMax: > 80kmh

    Flood Pump





    During the post emergency, Macp, thanks to draining pumps and desalters, will provide for drinkable water obtaining it from the one organically polluted. These instruments, together with others especially for the rescue can be feeded autonomously, also with the hovercraft on land or on the trailer, thanks to a built-in power take off.