3W hovercraft's law



Hovercraft's 3W Law (By Marco Mastrangeli)

Every hovercraft is affected by the interaction of Weight, Wind and Waves more than immersed vessels.

Many disappointed expectations derive from subcompact hovercraft manufacturers’ affirmations who wrote: “our vehicles can carry three passengers, travel with up to 30kn wind conditions and 60 cm waves” but they didn’t mentioned that the three conditions could verify at the same time.

Propulsion can easily move the hovercraft up to a 90/100 km/h speed, but weight and speed produce a huge amount of directional kinetic energy. This energy can’t be managed with rudders, wheels or similar devices as it happen with those vehicles where friction has a strong impact on maneuverability and the only resource in this sense is the force produced by the propeller.

Those forces can be handled relying on a proper piloting technique and on a oversized power. Pilot’s skills and experience are extremely relevant too.