The MACP technology and philosophy viewed by Euronews.

MACP Compact is from now on available.

MACP has been developed by the Hoverspill Consortium project funded by the EU FP7
The EU project ended in May 2013, and two years have been used for the prototype industrialization, its development and testing.
We are now satisfied with the overall performance, now MACP is agile and reliable
The peak of performances (speed, range etc) obviously depends on the engine power, the size of the cushion, the weight of the hovercraft and other factors that build a fence of performances from which you can hardly get out.
But we mainly focused on the ease of driving, the overall reliability, the general user friendliness and the operating economy.
An unbreakable hull, a special driving system and many small aspects will be appreciated by the users.
MACP is now ready to undergo hard work and solve problems on the field Versatility is exceptional: it is fully amphibious, fast, and behaves like a floating and unsinkable pontoon. It flies over all surfaces, liquid, solid or icy, even on rough roads.

Its dimensions are optimized for road transport, on a road trailer or in a container. Breadth of 2.50 cm is also suitable to penetrate into vegetation or through obstacles in narrow spots.
The guide is really intuitive, one handlebar with 2 degrees of freedom allows to adjust the direction, trim and permits to stop and reverse the thrust. The development of this command, without electric or hydraulic aids, was a real challenge.
Hoverspill allows to have an effective coast or riverbanks defense line and allows to intervene even in areas far away from ports and shelters. MACP can be parked directly on a beach or in any open space.
MACP can be quickly equipped for different tasks, from preliminary investigations, logistics, remediation activities in areas otherwise inaccessible for mud or for thick vegetation, such as mangroves and similar.
MACP can be quickly moved by road trailer, by ship, and also move independently.
In addition, thinking to those who must use the vehicle in inaccessible areas, where maintenance is done on the field and without any comfort, we have oversimplified whatever concerns practical aspects and now everything is simple for its nature.

MACP is easy to maintain, very strong and powerful.